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Looking for a fun and rewarding career? Become a certified Infant Aquatics® Instructor and join the team that makes a difference in the lives of children around the world by teaching kids to SWIM•Float•SWIM! and more!

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What is the SWIM•Float•SWIM! Method?

SWIM•Float•SWIM! is the safest, and most effective, way to learn to swim. Infant Aquatics Instructors teach this method to all students to allow them to safely enjoy the water. Infants learn to roll over to a stable back float, which allows them to breathe until they can be rescued. Toddlers learn to propel through the water, roll over to float, relax and breathe on their backs, and flip onto their tummies and continue to swim again.

Make the commitment today to teach kids valuable water skills that will last a lifetime.

Training with Judy at Swim•Float•Swim! means...

  • Personal instruction from the creator of Infant Aquatics
  • Hands on training with infants, toddlers and young children
  • Exposure to techniques developed in 5 decades of teaching aquatic survival skills
  • Assisting with group classes for private lesson graduates
  • Receiving a personalized video library & media portfolio
  • Additional learning with an experienced staff of certified Infant Aquatics Instructors
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Swim Lesson Impressions
Jessica GonzalesJessica GonzalesSo Cal Survival Swimming
The Infant Aquatics program is an intense 6 weeks filled with so much information and many challenges, but Judy is there every step of the way to guide you; giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to take everything ...
Cathy WilliamsCathy WilliamsB’s Swim School
I was introduced to Judy in November 2014 when she visited South Africa following my son in-law and swim school owner Brendan Varrie, attending her Infant Aquatics Survival Instructor Training program in April 2014.In his search to bring a unique ...
Brian MitchellBrian MitchellGoldfish Swim Academy
What a delight it has been to study Infant Aquatics under Judy Heumann’s mentorship. Judy and I co-taught students ages 6 months-4.5 years during my six-week internship at SWIM•Float•SWIM! in Longmont, Colorado. Judy teaches both the student and student instructor ...
Steffi Saul-KetzlerSteffi Saul-KetzlerBaby Seals Swim Academy
My journey to become an Infant Aquatics instructor started in summer of 2006. A tragic drowning accident claimed the life of a little 3-year old girl that went to the same daycare as my 6 months old daughter. A family ...
Donna MallonDonna MallonSwimShine Survival Aquatics
As a swim school owner/instructor with 30 years of experience, why would I choose to invest in Infant Aquatics Instructor Training at SWIM•Float•SWIM! with Judy Heumann? Having a well-established swim school of my own and teaching the swim-float-swim method for ...
Krissy Slanco WalkwitzKrissy Slanco WalkwitzInfant Aquatics of Austin
It took me almost a year to make the decision to become an Infant Aquatics instructor. I had talked with several other instructors who were teaching in other cities, and did my homework on what it would take to bring ...
Ada YipAda YipInfant Aquatics Hong Kong
After deciding to become an Infant Aquatics instructor, I visited the SWIM•Float•SWIM! website many times. I wanted to learn from the 'source'. Judy has over 40 years of experience and is the founder of Infant Aquatics. Who wouldn't want to ...
Mary Jo KlierMary Jo KlierKansas City Swim Academy
If I have one regret about getting trained in Infant Aquatics it is that I didn’t do it sooner. Judy is a wealth of knowledge and will prepare you for a great career teaching. Her methods will have your students ...
Kris BattistaKris BattistaInfant Aquatics Temecula
I can't say enough regarding my training with Judy. She is the real deal! I think of Judy's training like putting together a puzzle. She teaches you "piece by piece". She breaks down each skill simply, and by the time ...
Mariajose OreamunoMariajose OreamunoWawa Swim School
I was trained by Judy Heumann in 2014, and I am so thankful that I chose to train with her! From my first e-mail contact, she was really helpful with every detail I needed to know in order to make ...

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