Infant Aquatics vs. Other Infant Survival Swim Training Programs: Choosing the Right Path for Your Passion

Every year, countless families are shaken by the tragedy of infant and young child drownings. More often than not, these tragic incidents are preventable, which paints a stark picture of the critical need for survival swim lessons in our communities.

Instructor Retreat 2023

The bianual Infant Aquatics® retreat is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of our dedication and commitment to survival swimming! There’s an incredible synergy that forms when passionate instructors, both new and seasoned, come together. It’s a testament to the power of shared experiences and the growth that comes from learning from one […]

Global Impact—Infant Aquatics® is Making Waves Internationally

Around the globe, the epidemic of childhood drowning demands urgent action. Despite the challenges – from insufficient swim lessons to a lack of awareness about water safety for young children – a global movement is rising to meet this crisis head-on. Infant Aquatics® is leading this charge. Our mission transcends teaching swim techniques; we’re empowering […]

What’s New Fall 2023

6 More Instructors Added to the Infant Aquatics Team! We are proud to introduce our newest instructors who completed training this fall. Brandi Beck-Scott (Oklahoma, Jump Infant Aquatics), Cecilia Souza (New Hampshire, Mini Mermaids Infant Aquatics), and Tahlia Hodder (Australia, AquaStars Swim School) completed training in Colorado with Judy Heumann at Swim Float Swim! Rebecca […]

What to Expect During Infant Aquatics Training: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction As an aspiring survival swim instructor, you are embarking on a crucial mission to equip children with life-saving water skills. But what can you expect from our Infant Aquatics® training program? This post aims to provide an in-depth look into the intensive, hands-on training you can expect from our Infant Aquatics® Instructor Training program. […]

Becoming an Infant Aquatics® Instructor: Empowering Your Community With Lifesaving Skills

A family gathering or backyard barbecue can turn tragic in just a few seconds when an infant or toddler drowns in a pool or body of water. Imagine, though, if that child had the skills they needed to respond to an accidental fall. What if the family possessed the knowledge and resources to implement protective […]

What’s New Summer 2023

8 New Instructors From 5 States Trained! We are proud to introduce our newest instructors who completed training this summer.Judy Heumann, Infant Aquatics at Swim Float Swim, was fortunate to train sisters Andrea Picklesimer (Utah) Bright Blue Infant Aquatics and Rebecca Schacherbauer (Texas) Bluebonnet Infant Aquatics. They were joined by veteran instructor Melissa Stoll, Infant […]

What Sets a Career in Infant Aquatics® Apart? Find Out Now!

Infant Aquatics Retreat, 2021 The Path to Becoming an Infant Aquatics® Instructor Are you passionate about water safety and working with children? The Infant Aquatics® Instructor Certification program could be the ideal career path for you! This internationally recognized program equips individuals with the skills to teach vital survival swim skills to infants and young […]

Can I Really Become an Infant Aquatics® Instructor?

Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death for children under 4. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but thanks to passionate individuals all over the world just like you, we are working to put an end to childhood drowning–one lesson at a time!

Judy Trains 6 New Infant Aquatics Instructors

Infant Aquatics is expanding at a record pace as Judy trains 6 new Infant Aquatics survival swimming instructors this winter/spring. Naomi Ogden (Hawaii) Island Infant Aquatics, A. Rae Knight (Texas) The Rae Infant Aquatics, and Marybeth Smith (New Jersey) Patriot Infant Aquatics all trained with Judy this winter. Naomi Rae Mary Karina Joya (California) Sunshine […]

What’s New Fall 2022

2022 finished with a flurry of activity in our pools with the addition of 5 new instructors, including our fifth instructor from Australia. We also welcomed instructors from Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and New York. Stacy Williams, is an American who has lived overseas for nearly 20 years. Her BS degree in Exercise Physiology provided […]

What’s New Summer 2022

This summer Judy welcomed Paige, Danielle and Joe for Survival Swim Instructor Training at Swim•Float•Swim! Paige Johnson is the owner of South Plains Infant Aquatics based out of Ropesville, Texas. With a passion to save the lives of children and give parents peace of mind, she chose to join Infant Aquatics because she wanted to […]