Can I Really Become an Infant Aquatics® Instructor?

Infant Aquatics trainee with students in Longmont, CO

Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death for children under 4. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but thanks to passionate individuals all over the world just like you, we are working to put an end to childhood drowning–one lesson at a time!

Whether you’ve experienced this kind of tragedy in your community, or you’re looking to make a career change, we’re so glad you’re considering Infant Aquatics® as your survival swim training program.

If you’re like the majority of trainees (now very successful instructors) who’ve come before, chances are you’ve done your research and compared Infant Aquatics to other survival swim programs. Now that you’ve decided that this program is in line with your passion, and you’re excited about a future in which you run your own business and set your own hours while serving your community, you may be left with a few questions:

Am I qualified to become an Infant Aquatics® instructor if I’ve never taught swim lessons before?

Can I really run my own business?

Will my investment in training be worth it?

I’m currently a swim instructor–will I learn anything new in this training?

I’ve got kids at home–can I really leave my family and travel for training for 6 weeks?

Now that I’ve decided this is what I need to do with my life, how soon can I turn this dream into a reality?

This post is going to answer all of your questions, and put your mind at ease. This way, you too can envision your new life as a dedicated Infant Aquatic Survival® Specialist, helping put an end to childhood drowning in your community–and making a wonderful living doing it!

Regardless of your previous job, level of knowledge in swim lessons, or family situation, you truly can create the life of your dreams as an Infant Aquatics instructor!

Am I qualified to become an Infant Aquatics® instructor?

While many trainees come to us with some background in aquatics or education, we have just as many who’ve made the transition from completely unrelated careers.

Some have experienced drowning or near drowning in their community.

Others wished for a more advanced swim program for their own children, and decided to get trained when they realized there was simply no one in their community who offered lessons of this caliber.

Some people have just felt chained down by the traditional 9-5 workday, yearning for the freedom to set their own hours and be their own boss. They want to find a job that they’re passionate about, and can’t wait to get to each day!

The common traits among all successful Infant Aquatics instructors are their passion to provide drowning prevention education to children and families in their community, and their unshakable resilience as they dive into their new career.

Whatever your background, or your reason for pursuing Infant Aquatics® training, you will receive comprehensive, hands-on training in the Infant Aquatics® program itself, along with training in psychological and physiological development of infants and young children as they pertain to aquatic self rescue.

You will be 100% ready to start teaching when you leave your 6 week training!

Can I really run my own business?


Don’t let the fact that you’ve never run your own businesses hold you back! You will receive support and guidance when it comes to setting up your business, scheduling programs, marketing yourself, and setting your rates.

Also, when you leave here, your business is yours! Though you will receive ongoing support and guidance, there are no mandatory fees to be paid back to Infant Aquatics®, and no mandatory scheduling requirements.

Your schedule is yours to decide.

Only want to teach a few hours a day? No problem!

Want to take 3 months off in the winter? Go for it!

Want to dive in and teach year round, and hire staff for maintenance and group lessons? Absolutely!

And better still, within the network of successful Infant Aquatics® instructors, you’ll find someone to fit nearly every type of business setup! From a few hours a day, to teaching full time, to traveling and teaching, or opening up their own swim centers—the sky’s the limit!

Alina Turk–Infant Aquatics Instructor

I was also able to learn a lot about the business side of swim instruction and the exclusive swim school business model and feel very encouraged and supported about my ideas and plans for the future. No questions remained unanswered and I quickly started to feel and observe the continued support in terms of technique, general business & marketing, which Judy is able to provide in the long-term and how excited she is to do so. One great example is the marketing resource of professionally taken above and below the water pictures and videos by her husband, that have been taken of me in my final weeks and been provided to me with full rights.

I would absolutely recommend training with Judy and her team at SWIM•Float•SWIM! – it’s not just swim instruction that they provide, it’s an entire package of invaluable skills and resources and professional assets.

Alina Turk
Ottertots Swim School

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How soon will I be able to regain my investment?

There is an investment when it comes to any sort of career training, especially one as comprehensive as Infant Aquatics®, but this is not only an investment in your future, but the safety of your community!

The wonderful thing about Infant Aquatics® training is that you can make your investment back quite fast.

Many of our trainees have received their certification and started teaching right away once they get back home! Because you’ll receive all the information you’ll need to start and run your business, you can leave your training ready to enroll new students!

If you book your first session even working a few hours (just the morning, or a couple hours in the morning and then a couple hours in the afternoon), you’ve almost recouped your investment!

The benefits of this training far outweigh the financial investment, though.

You will bring lifesaving skills to the children and families in your community.

You’re developing a skill that will always be in demand. As long as young children are around water, there will be a need for survival swim lessons.

And this is a great time to join the Infant Aquatics® family. With the drowning prevention movement gaining momentum and mainstream recognition, these lessons are becoming more and more the norm. Parents are realizing that it’s not enough to wait until their children are older before putting them in a “learn at their own pace” lesson.

The demand is there, and they need you.

Will I still learn anything if I’m currently a swim instructor?

There are so many trainees who come into this thinking they’ll know exactly what they’re doing in the water, because they’ve been teaching traditional lessons for years, but these are not traditional swim lessons.

The Infant Aquatics® survival swim program is a drowning prevention program.

Our curriculum uses precise techniques to teach infants and children to respond to an aquatic incident in various scenarios.

This is very different from the typical guided exploration curriculum of traditional swim lessons.

You will learn an entirely new set of skills, and chances are this experience will forever change the way you look at traditional swim lessons!

As a swim school owner/instructor with 30 years of experience, why would I choose to invest in Infant Aquatics Instructor Training at SWIM•Float•SWIM! with Judy Heumann? Having a well-established swim school of my own and teaching the swim-float-swim method for many years, I am passionate about teaching kids to be safe in and around the water. However, I always felt there was something missing in my technique to help very young children and infants stay safe.

In my teaching experience, it was rare to have a child learn the life-saving rotation and float before the age of three years, but with Judy’s training, I’ve now mastered teaching survival skills to infants and toddlers! With older children, the life-saving skill of “fall-in, float, then SWIM•Float•SWIM! is achieved in half the time, now that I have this training under my belt! With Judy’s training, I’m able to give kids a stronger foundation, my skills have improved tremendously, and I’m seeing faster results.

The cost of this extra training was definitely worth it. The knowledge gained in this program has changed my whole game plan, proving that you can teach an old swim-dog new tricks! Judy’s ongoing support has been a lifesaver too!!

Donna Mallon
Swim Shine Infant Aquatics

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I have kids at home–can I really pack up and train for 6 weeks?

6 weeks seems like a long time to leave, but it’s really just a small amount of time in the big picture–especially when you consider that this 6 weeks is going to equip you with all the skills you will need to make the leap into this new career!

There have been many trainees with young kids at home, and want to know what their options are, and over the years we’ve had lots of trainees come up with creative situations!

Some have brought their children with them! They’ve had a caregiver or an adult family member come along and watch their kids during the day!

Some have vetted and hired caregivers before coming to Colorado, so they feel comfortable that their children are in good hands while they’re in the water all day.

Some have even enrolled their children in lessons while they’re here!

Colorado isn’t the only place you can train either!

With certifying instructors in several locations throughout the United States, you can find the training closest to you!

Trainings are conducted year round in indoor facilities in Longmont, Colorado (45 minutes from Denver), in Decatur, Texas in Ansonia, Connecticut, in Richmond, Virginia, and outdoors April-September in Valdosta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. We will soon be adding an indoor training location in Houston, Texas.

These certifying instructors have gone through additional training to ensure the exceptional quality of Infant Aquatics® training, and you will receive the same ongoing support from Infant Aquatics that we provide to all trainees.

How soon can I book my Infant Aquatics® training?

Ok, so you’ve had your questions answered, you realize that this dream truly can become a reality for you, and now you can’t wait to get started…Now what do you do?

Get in touch with Judy today!

Take it from one of our recent trainees, Brooke Pettus:

Whenever I make a big investment in myself, there’s always a voice in back of my mind whispering,

“Is this truly the best choice?”
“Should I have chosen another option?”
“What if this is a mistake?”
“What if what’s advertised isn’t as good as what’s delivered?”
When I decided to certify through Infant Aquatics to become a survival swim instructor, I never heard that voice.

I knew I’d be 100% supported.

I knew I’d get WAY more value than what was promised in my initial investment.

I knew I’d come out having learned the best survival swim methodology there was to offer.

Here’s why:

The same day I requested information about Infant Aquatics, I was on the phone with the founder, Judy. She expertly and patiently answered all my questions, gave me down-to-Earth, candid responses, and never tried to sell me on signing up. It felt like talking to an old friend who genuinely had my best interest at heart.

The following day I spoke with the closest certifying instructor to me, Erin Loewe of Starfish Infant Aquatics. An hour and a half of non-stop talking later, I knew I wanted to train under her tutelage. While it was evident she was extremely knowledgeable and at the top of her craft, she was equally as humble and open to new learning.

You become part of a professional family that’s always rooting for you, connected through a passion to save young lives and equip babies, toddlers, and young children with the best swim skills they can gain.

I feel privileged to have gone through such a high-level, comprehensive training experience. I feel proud to call myself an Infant Aquatics Survival Swim Instructor.

Words don’t do justice to the appreciation I fell, so I’ll keep the ending of this post simple:

Thank you, Judy.
Thank you, Erin.

Thank you, Infant Aquatics, for transforming me into the best new survival swim instructor I can possibly be. The children in my local community will be so much safer around water because of what I learned from you, and that’s a debt nothing can repay. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much love,

Brooke Pettus

If you’re committed to your future, Infant Aquatics® is committed to you!

Now that you’ve seen the life-changing results past Infant Aquatics® trainees have had, it’s time to experience the difference for yourself.

If you’ve got the drive to succeed, and the passion to prevent childhood drowning in your community, take the first step today!

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