Infant Aquatics vs. Other Infant Survival Swim Training Programs: Choosing the Right Path for Your Passion

Every year, countless families are shaken by the tragedy of infant and young child drownings. More often than not, these tragic incidents are preventable, which paints a stark picture of the critical need for survival swim lessons in our communities.

What Sets a Career in Infant Aquatics® Apart? Find Out Now!

Infant Aquatics Retreat, 2021 The Path to Becoming an Infant Aquatics® Instructor Are you passionate about water safety and working with children? The Infant Aquatics® Instructor Certification program could be the ideal career path for you! This internationally recognized program equips individuals with the skills to teach vital survival swim skills to infants and young […]

Can I Really Become an Infant Aquatics® Instructor?

Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental death for children under 4. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but thanks to passionate individuals all over the world just like you, we are working to put an end to childhood drowning–one lesson at a time!

Instructor Certification in Infant Aquatics℠

Kristin Tabb and Cheryl Klatt completed certification in Infant Aquatic Survival℠ in May.  Kristin joins the staff at Swim Float Swim! in Longmont, Colorado and Cheryl joins Jolyn Anderson’s team at the Swim School of Denver.  They are both highly skilled and caring instructors who forged close bonds with their students during their instructor certification […]