Two More Instructors Complete Training, Will Be Teaching in Kansas and Arizona

Nicole Nusshag discovered Infant Aquatics when her oldest daughter completed the program in Alabama. After the birth of her second daughter and relocating to Arizona, she discovered there was no instructor near her. Nicole overcame all obstacles and brought her 1 and 3 year olds with her to Colorado to complete her Infant Aquatics certification. […]

New Instructors from Trinidad/Tobago, South Carolina and Florida Have Completed Training

As a swimmer and lifeguard, Melissa Olson has always been passionate about water safety. After watching her younger two and 18 other children go through survival swim lessons at her home pool, she decided to follow her dream and become a certified Infant Aquatics instructor. From Gulf Breeze, Florida, Melissa is a stay at home […]

New Instructors from California and Montana

Welcome Katie Wilson, from Hamilton, Montana. Katie arrived at Swim Float Swim! with 9 years of experience teaching swimming, but no knowledge of how to teach infants and toddlers to survive in the water. Her training gave her the tools and skills necessary to fill the gap in her teaching experience. The video below shows […]

New Instructor in Eastern Australia!

Toby Rocha, a career police officer and father of two young boys, traveled from New South Wales, Australia to Colorado to complete his Infant Aquatics certification. When his sons completed survival swim lessons, Toby was amazed at the results. Considering Australia is surrounded by water and the beach is their way of life, he and […]

Survival Swimming Instrcutor Training