Global Impact—Infant Aquatics® is Making Waves Internationally

Around the globe, the epidemic of childhood drowning demands urgent action. Despite the challenges – from insufficient swim lessons to a lack of awareness about water safety for young children – a global movement is rising to meet this crisis head-on.

Infant Aquatics® is leading this charge. Our mission transcends teaching swim techniques; we’re empowering instructors to become business owners and community leaders, revolutionizing water safety education worldwide.

Whether you aim to introduce Infant Aquatics® in your country or teach within the US, your passion is a vital addition to our global effort!

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Global Certification, Local Impact

Infant Aquatics® isn’t just a certification to teach swim lessons – it’s a passport to making a global difference.

With this accreditation, you’re equipped to teach life-saving skills anywhere in the world! What’s more, the impact of your efforts is immense. Each child you teach becomes a potential life saved, and each family that recognizes the importance of implementing layers of protection around water takes us one step closer to creating a globally water-safe community.

You have the power to create a ripple effect of safety consciousness, igniting a movement that transcends borders and saves lives. Join us in the mission to create a safer world for children everywhere, one lesson at a time.

Tuyen Ho was able to teach over 200 children in her first year after bringing Infant Aquatics® back to Vietnam!

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Entrepreneurial Spirit in Water Safety

Infant Aquatics® understands that training as a swim instructor is just the first step. We are committed to supporting your growth as an entrepreneur by providing the necessary tools and resources to help you build a thriving business alongside your teaching skills.

The growing number of businesses focused on water safety in communities around the world results in safer environments for children and increased awareness of water safety among families, leading to widespread change.

What can you expect during your Infant Aquatics® training? Check out this blog post to learn exactly what your training will be like.

What to expect

Your Business, Your Way

Furthermore, Infant Aquatics® does not place burdensome requirements or ongoing fees on instructors. We want to ensure you have the freedom to teach and conduct your business in the best way for your community! We do not require a percentage of your registration fees or dictate how you structure your lessons.

Every Infant Aquatics® instructor is able to adapt their program to meet the needs of individual swimmers, teaching seasons, and community demands.

Mel Nelson, in Australia, leveraged our flexible business model to address the constant need for water safety awareness in her region.

Mel was drawn to the fact that there were no additional restrictions on her as a small business owner once she completed her Infant Aquatics® training. This enabled her to bring lifesaving lessons back to her home in Australia, where the need to water safety awareness is constant!

A Mosaic of Instructors: Our Global Strength

Our strength lies in our diversity. From Australia to China, our instructors bring invaluable perspectives, addressing the multifaceted challenge of childhood drowning.

We understand that different communities may have unique challenges and cultural considerations when it comes to water safety. By drawing on the diverse experiences and expertise of our instructors, we are able to tailor our approach and curriculum to address these specific needs.

The continued collaboration between instructors is one of the most incredible aspects of the Infant Aquatics® network! Instructors connect via our online platforms and share experiences, struggles, success stories, and valuable techniques they’ve implemented throughout their teaching journeys.

Our biannual retreat collaborations are melting pots of innovation where ideas and experiences merge to form best practices in water safety! Through hands-on training, guest experts, and networking, Infant Aquatics® instructors leave each retreat with new information to enrich their teaching!

Ada Yip has been teaching Infant Aquatics® lessons to children in Hong Kong and shares her perspective on the benefits of the biannual instructor retreat!

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Filling the Void

Many individuals turn to Infant Aquatics® when they discover that there is a lack of comprehensive survival swim courses available in their community and sometimes even in their entire country.

By joining Infant Aquatics®, they have the opportunity to fill this void and make a significant impact by providing life-saving swim lessons and promoting water safety behaviors in their local communities.

Cathy Craven saw the need for change in her community firsthand after a tragedy prompted her to look for drowning prevention programs. Now, she’s helping families in Ireland change how they think about swim lessons and water safe behaviors!

From Local Advocacy to Global Change

Our instructors don’t just teach swim lessons—they advocate for safer water policies at local, regional, and national levels.

The collective work of these passionate instructors and their businesses is vital in driving larger movements for water safety. By collaborating with other like-minded organizations and individuals, they’re raising the global standard when it comes to swim lessons, providing scholarships when finances pose a barrier to water safety, and working to inspire parents to demand safe swim lessons in their communities.

The success stories of our instructors and their businesses serve as a source of inspiration for others. Their dedication and achievements in the field of water safety motivate and empower individuals to take action and lend their voices to the global movement! Their work is a testimony to the power of the human heart, for nothing is more inspiring than the act of empowering children with lifesaving skills. The Infant Aquatics® network has had the privilege of witnessing legacies that continue in memory of incredible instructors who worked to impact the lives of children in their communities.

Mariajose Artavia Oreamuno (MJ) created a thriving swim school in Costa Rica after training with Infant Aquatics®! She returned to Costa Rica and built her business around her life and community. When she realized the demand for these lifesaving lessons was so high, she was able to send new instructors back to the US for their Infant Aquatics® certification. Her family was heartbroken when she passed away in a tragic accident, but her energy and passion have not been forgotten. Her cousin, Marianna and close friend Mari, are still teaching at the school she created and carrying on her mission!

One of the most inspiring stories of local transformation has been that of Rikki Kotzen. She experienced the need for survival swim lessons firsthand when she had a non-fatal drowning incident. Rikki transformed her traumatic experience into action when she trained with Kyla and Judy Heumann through a pilot program in South Africa. After receiving her certification, Rikki went on to impact the lives of hundreds of children and adults through her lessons and community activism!

Though sadly, she passed away in 2020 due to health complications, Rikki’s legacy was one of lasting hope and change for her community. Those she inspirefd through her survival swim school aim to carry on her mission in South Africa and confront the high rates of childhood drowning! This year, Margie Herman, an Infant Aquatics® Certifying Instructor, will be traveling to South Africa to train new instructors in Rikki’s swim school!

Creating a Ripple Effect of Safety Consciousness

The impact of Infant Aquatics® instructors is profound and far-reaching. We’re not just teaching swimming; we’re forging a global network of educators, entrepreneurs, and advocates committed to ending childhood drowning. If this mission resonates with you, it’s time to take the next step! Join us in creating waves of change, one child, one lesson, and one community at a time.

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