Infant Aquatics℠ Instructor Training at SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ New Web Presence

Welcome to our new web presence. This site was created to provide detailed information on the instructor training program taught by Infant Aquatics founder Judy Heumann. Judy has been teaching aquatic rescue skills to babies and training instructors for over 4 decades. Since founding the Infant Aquatics℠ network of instructors in 2000, she has continued training and mentoring instructors throughout the United States and around the world.

We invite you to browse through our new site to learn about the rigorous Instructor Training Program that Judy has designed to help individuals become highly skilled instructors who can save lives while building the confidence of the next generation of swimmers. Please take time to hear Judy’s instructors discuss their training experience, and the rewards of a career as an Infant Aquatic Survival℠ instructor.

Contact Judy today to join the team that makes a difference in the lives of children around the world by teaching kids to SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ and more!

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