Infant Aquatics vs. Other Infant Survival Swim Training Programs: Choosing the Right Path for Your Passion

Infant Aquatics® retreat in Longmont, Colorado

Every year, countless families are shaken by the tragedy of infant and young child drownings. More often than not, these tragic incidents are preventable, which paints a stark picture of the critical need for survival swim lessons in our communities.

Whether you’re a professional with a background in traditional swim lessons, a parent, grandparent, teacher, or a dedicated individual who has recognized this need and felt the call to act, this responsibility is undoubtedly close to your heart.

Choosing the right infant swim training program is a profound decision. With so many different courses, each with their unique methodology, promising to empower you to make a difference, you may be wondering:

“Which survival swim program is best?”

How do you navigate this sea of possibilities to find an instructor training program that not only ensures the safety and competence of the child, but also aligns with your passion and commitment to community safety?

This post will provide you with a clear understanding of what sets Infant Aquatics® apart from other swimming programs, and why it may be the ideal choice for you as you embark on this profoundly impactful journey. Our unique approach aims to align with your passion, concern, and aspirations, guiding you to a program that empowers you to bring lifesaving skills to your community while creating happy, safe swimmers for life!

So, let’s dive in!

Why Survival Swimming?

Traditional swim programs often focus on making children comfortable in the water, encouraging play, and gradually introducing fundamental swimming skills. These programs can lead to a false sense of security in children. They learn to play in the water without first learning how to navigate it safely.

However, drowning prevention extends far beyond being comfortable in the water and enjoying the pool under supervision. Though parents may implement many layers of protection around the water and strive to provide accurate supervision, barriers are not guarantees, and accidents happen.

This is why survival swim lessons are a crucial layer of protection. These programs are designed to teach infants and young children how to survive in water in case of accidental falls, a skill set not taught in conventional swim schools. These lessons are a vital layer of protection when all others fail.

In survival swim lessons, children learn essential skills such as rolling onto their backs to float, breathe, and even cry for help. Some programs may also teach them how to swim to the pool edge and climb out. They aim to equip children with the skills and abilities that could save their lives in an emergency.

Some survival swim schools are better than others

Who We Are

When it comes to survival swim programs, it’s important to remember that not all programs are the same.

While they may share similar objectives, there can be significant differences in instructor training and ongoing support for both students and instructors. With the right program, you can help yourself or your loved ones gain the skills and knowledge needed to stay safe in and around the water, while at the same time receiving the support you need to become an independent business owner.

This is where Infant Aquatics® comes in – a program that stands out from the rest due to its distinctive teaching methodology, exceptional instructor support, and an unshakeable focus on child safety.

What is Infant Aquatics?

Infant Aquatics® teaches infant self-rescue skills as the foundation of a comprehensive swimming program that teaches children not only to survive, but thrive in the water!

The Infant Aquatics® Network consists of over 140 certified instructors who are passionate about preventing aquatic tragedy. We are a close-knit family of instructors (moms, dads, nurses, teachers, grandparents) dedicated to keeping little ones safer around the water.

Hands-on training with Judy Heumann—founder of Infant Aquatics®

In the last few years, worldwide interest in Infant Aquatics® instructor training has exploded. We have recently trained instructors from Hong Kong, Japan, Costa Rica, South Africa, Ireland, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Australia, and Germany, as well as dozens of instructors from over 30 states across the US.

Our Program

Our swim school offers a unique training program that focuses on hands-on, water-based experience from the start.

We believe trainees need practical exposure to infants and non-verbal toddlers, which is why our training schedule focuses on this population. Our primary focus is on spending ample time in the pool, where we demonstrate how to apply the theory of teaching aquatic survival to behaviors observed during lessons. Rather than spending hours in a classroom, we provide trainees with a comprehensive training manual with self-study open-book exercises to test their knowledge.

What sets our swim program apart is our dedication to teaching all actively walking students to swim-float-swim instead of just rolling onto their backs. Our little ones are eager to explore and experience the joy of being in the water, and we take pride in teaching them the essential skill of aquatic survival.

The Infant Aquatics® Difference–for Instructors

Hands-on training

The Infant Aquatics® certification program is the most comprehensive course in infant and toddler swim instruction available.

Hands-on training with Judy Heumann—founder of Infant Aquatics®

Our instructor course encompasses a minimum of 100 hours of in-water training, in addition to academic studies in child development, behavioral psychology, and anatomy and physiology. No online course can replace the in-water, hands-on training experience.

No prerequisite courses are required for training. However, all instructors share a common mission and love for working with children. Many have taught swim lessons previously and were frustrated with the lack of results they were able to achieve with traditional programs.

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Network of Support

Not only do you get an incredible 6-week training, but you also become part of a global community of instructors through an exclusive Facebook group. After you receive your certification, you’ll have access to a wealth of online resources for continued education.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled continuing education retreats, where you will gain hands-on skills and insights from highly skilled members of the Infant Aquatics® family!

Instructors in-water training during Infant Aquatics Retreat

Learn More About Instructor Support

What we don’t have–fees and burdensome requirements!

At Infant Aquatics®, we want you to operate your individual business without restrictions. We are here to offer guidance and support, but not regulate you or collect perpetual registration fees from your students, which will amount to thousands of dollars each year.  We do not require you to teach 5 days/week, burden you with unnecessary paperwork, or dictate the length of your lessons.

Our training equips instructors with the tools, knowledge and resources to conduct the safest lessons possible.  

We strongly believe that our instructors are intelligent  individuals who are capable of collecting medical history on their students and screening them prior to taking them in the water.  If you ever have a medical question concerning a student, we have a large number of medical professionals available to consult on any health concerns without charge to you or your students.

“My goal for every instructor is to allow you the freedom to operate your program as you like, without placing additional restrictions or requirements on you. There is no money paid to me or Infant Aquatics® from your clients once your training is completed. You register your own students, and all money goes directly to you. No additional fees are required other than an optional yearly membership assessment (currently $300) to maintain your association with our network of instructors and a presence on the Infant Aquatics® website, if you choose to do so.”
–Judy Heumann, Founder of Infant Aquatics®

Several seasoned instructors have chosen to train with Infant Aquatics!

These factors have actually led to several instructors, previously trained in other methods of survival swimming, to make the switch and train with Judy and join the Infant Aquatics Network.

Here are a few of their stories:
Tracy Beamish
Erin Loewe
Karen Packer

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The Infant Aquatics® Difference–for Students


At Infant Aquatics®, our mission is to ensure that every child has the necessary lifesaving skills to be safe in and around water. We are committed to preventing drownings and revolutionizing infant swim instruction. We believe that by providing the highest quality swim instruction, we can empower children with the skills they need to stay safe, while instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in them.

More than just floating

Little ones do not enjoy merely floating on their back — they want to move!

Student Swimming on back with Infant Aquatics® instructor

Children who are ready to learn the swim-float-swim sequence unlock their full potential and tap into their own ability to make decisions in the water.

Their confidence is based on their skills, as well as a healthy respect for the water and the boundaries it naturally creates. They learn to utilize their skills during play as well as practice!

Teaching them to swim allows them to experience the joy of being in the water. Our students love to swim and achieve incredible results at the end of the 6 weeks!

Fun days–more than just refreshers!

After students have completed their survival swim lessons, they’ll have the option to join Fun Days and group classes that focus on honing their skills through play and enhancing their stroke technique. These classes are a great way to prepare for future participation in swim teams or other aquatic sports!

Infant Aquatics instructor and trainee with students during Fun Day®

As a trainee, you will have the opportunity to observe and assist these group classes, and understand the way Infant Aquatics® emphasizes continued education and growth.

How do I become an Infant Aquatics® instructor?

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Training process

The training experience is intense and offered in selected locations in the US — it involves 6 weeks of in water hands-on training with new, unskilled infants and toddlers (minimum of 4 hours each day Monday through Thursday).

Hands-on training with Judy Heumann–founder of Infant Aquatics®

Training locations

Although individuals are able to learn how to teach aquatic survival skills to infants and toddlers in a 6-week training period, it takes decades of teaching these skills to thousands of babies before they have the knowledge to attempt to train others in this method. For this reason, and to ensure the quality and standards of the Infant Aquatics® brand, all trainings are conducted year round in the US at indoor facilities in Longmont, Colorado (45 minutes from Denver), in Decatur, Texas in Ansonia, Connecticut, in Richmond, Virginia, and outdoors April-September in Valdosta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. We will soon be adding an indoor training location in Houston, Texas.

It takes toddlers 6 weeks to master the swim-float-swim technique (in daily 10-minute private lessons). Student instructors need to experience the entire hands-on process in order for them to be able to teach the sequence to their own students.

The vast majority of new students are between the ages of 6 months and 24 months, so student instructors get tremendous exposure to this young age group. It is essential for a new instructor to feel confident teaching infants and toddlers. You will also have the ability to enrich your program for older students by observing and assisting with our group lessons.

When you fully immerse yourself in the training experience, you’ll walk away with the skills and experience you need to create safe, happy, lifelong swimmers in your community!

If you’re ready to join the Infant Aquatics® community, contact Judy today to learn more about training availability!

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