To jump-start your marketing, Judy will provide you with a complete advertising portfolio during your training. The materials in this portfolio include above and underwater videos and high quality photographs of you teaching your students. She will assist you with setting up your personal website as well as your Facebook page and advise you on effective strategies for growing your business.


Your 6 week training is only the beginning of a lifelong learning process. Your relationship with Judy will continue long after you have returned home to teach your own students. Judy is committed to your personal growth as an instructor and is readily available to help with any challenges that arise during the course of lessons. She is only a phone call, email, or text message away. You are welcome to return for additional training at any time, at no cost.


Becoming a certified Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist brings membership privileges in the Infant Aquatics website and Infant Aquatics Instructor Facebook group, as well as continuing educational opportunities at conferences hosted by the Infant Aquatics Network.

The Instructor Retreat

Every year the Infant Aquatics Instructors get together to celebrate the year, welcome new wembers, discuss important topics, network and have fun!