Alina Turk

Swim Babies Swim

Hamburg, Germany

“To Anyone considering training with Judy Heumann or simply interested in my training experience,

To put it in perspective, training with Judy was the best decision I have made since marrying the man of my dreams and having my daughter! Though words still don’t do justice to what the experience meant to me, I have a few things I’d like to say to anyone considering training with her!

Judy’s experience teaching the Infant Aquatics℠ curriculum to swim students and instructor apprentices is clearly unquestionable and I do not feel the need to focus on that specifically. Besides knowing I would be able to train with the very best and most experienced instructor, personally Judy was also a great match for me! She was sensitive to the emotional roller coaster I was riding, being away from my young family and getting used to such an emotionally loaded work environment, filled with worried and excited children and parents. But she also knew when to push me to work hard when I could handle it.

With the exclusive swim school set up and large team of instructors, I was also able to access a ton of experience and learn from their slightly different teaching styles. It also allowed me to spend the maximum amount of time possible in the water and practicing the technique. This is because in addition to the time of formal training with Judy, I was able to stay, observe, participate in, and eventually even lead private and group classes from as early as 7 am in the morning to 7pm at night most week days with lunch breaks amongst the nicest coworkers around and in an environment that quickly felt family like!

The access to many group classes and several different instructors for them, was also absolutely invaluable and often a nice change of pace! Each age and skill level was represented as well as an easy to follow, useful and absolutely transferable curriculum.

Judy’s daughter, Kyla Heumann, a seasoned instructor herself to both students and instructor apprentices, was an amazing addition my formal training as well. She gave me further opportunities to take kids through private session along side her and let me be as hands-on as I felt ready to, at the time. She also helped well-round the whole experience by giving me a head start in the water, even before my training formally started, practicing terminology and techniques with life-size dolls, as well as filming (with helpful and detailed commentary!) of my sessions with Judy, in the later weeks, which proved rather important in the polishing of my technique and confidence!

I was also able to learn a lot about the business side of swim instruction and the exclusive swim school business model and feel very encouraged and supported about my ideas and plans for the future. No questions remained unanswered and I quickly started to feel and observe the continued support in terms of technique, general business & marketing, which she would be able to provide in the long-term and how excited she is to do so. One great example is the marketing resource of professionally taken above and below the water pictures and videos by her husband, that have been taken of me in my final weeks and been provided to me with full rights.

I would absolutely recommend training with Judy and her team at SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ – it’s not just swim instruction that they provide, it’s an entire package of invaluable skills and resources and professional assets.”