Brian Mitchell

Forget The Floaties

Arizona, United States

“What a delight it has been to study Infant Aquatics℠ under Judy Heumann’s mentorship. Judy and I co-taught students ages 6 months-4.5 years during my six-week internship at SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ in Longmont, Colorado. Judy teaches both the student and student instructor with the same high expectations, positive attitude and challenging curriculum. Judy is incredibly systematic in the design of her student instructor course, from pre-teaching before instructors enter the water through the final comprehensive academic term paper. As a teacher at Saint Francis Xavier Elementary School, I hold high ideals for character and Judy has a natural affinity for teaching these ideals along with the subject matter for both the student and student instructor. Judy and her family could not have been better hosts for a visitor from a not so well traveled Phoenician. She has been instrumental in the formation and development of Goldfish Swim Academy; my new swim school in Phoenix, Arizona.

Judy has long been committed to the study of Infant Aquatics℠ and truly takes it to heart in every aspect. She is faithful to employing best practices and seems to always desire to improve some aspect of her teaching or the program she oversees. Judy has taken SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ to a higher level by using an underwater camera more suited for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel than a swim pool, taking awe-inspiring HD video of every child’s progress for use in my advertising. She has sent me numerous still photos and short underwater video clips that I can say have been priceless.

Judy is among the best of instructors I have known in 10 years as a teacher and coach. She is attentive to safety of all, both physical and social-emotional. Although I came to SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ with nerves and the fear of the unknown, I left with the confidence and skills to teach students back home life saving skills. I’m proud to say within only two months removed from my training, I have taught a 20 and 22 month old the SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ sequence with outstanding success! Even after my departure from Colorado, Judy was by my side through the entire progress; answering any phone calls, emails or text messages guiding me though my first independent lessons.

I offer my highest recommendation in support of Judy Heumann as an excellent Master Instructor.”

Infant Aquatic Survival℠ instructor Brian Mitchell discusses his training experience with SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ owner and Infant Aquatics℠ Founder Judy Heumann.