Hanneke Deen-Van Tol

Geboren Zwemmers

Nijmegen, Netherlands

“My training experience with Judy Heumann was an exciting journey. Judy is highly professional, knows how to run a business and was 200% dedicated to my success during the whole training period.

Judy not only taught me how to teach babies and children aquatic survival skills, she also helped me to set up a business. She showed me how to engage families in the SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ program and make sure the children have the opportunity for continuing education. After the 6 weeks of training I went back to the Netherlands and I wasn’t on my own. Judy always responds very quickly if I have a question or need some backup or support. Due to the time difference I am always fully prepared for the next swim lesson!!

I can not recommend anyone else but Judy for the Instructor Training Program at SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠”