Krissy Slanco Walkwitz

Little Waves Swim

Maine, United States

“It took me almost a year to make the decision to become an Infant Aquatics℠ instructor. I had talked with several other instructors who were teaching in other cities, and did my homework on what it would take to bring this amazing program to Maine. What really stood out, and ended up being the deciding factor for me was talking with Judy. I felt her energy and genuine love for the Infant Aquatics℠ program. Her passion for children and water safety was so infectious, and I knew I had to make the trek to Longmont to train and learn from, who in my opinion was the Best of the Best! From the minute I walked into the SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ facility to start my 6 week journey I felt at home and welcomed by her and her wonderful staff.

It is an overwhelming and intense 6 weeks filled with so much information, but Judy is there every step of the way to show, explain, troubleshoot, and guide you; giving you the confidence you need to take everything you learned under her instruction and start your own program.

Through this wonderful training I have gained a mentor and a friend. If a student is having trouble mastering a skill she is always there to help me identify the issue and find a solution. She continuously gives me confidence in growing as an instructor to ultimately build a successful program in Maine. I am grateful for the community of amazing instructors Infant Aquatics℠ has brought into my life. The constant support and encouragement from Judy is what keeps me going, and challenges me to be the best instructor I can be!”

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