Judy trains two new survival swim instructors in Dallas, Texas and Arkansas.

Rachel Hennig and Candace Siebenmorgen just finished their training with Judy and are joining our team of Certified Infant Aquatics Instructors

Rachel , a Dallas native ,took a leave of absence from her full-time job as an occupational therapist to travel to Colorado for an intense 6-week training.

In 2019 she experienced the tragedy of drowning first-hand: her sweet, sassy, precious two-year old niece drowned on Memorial Day. This event was the driving force behind her decision to become an Infant Aquatics instructor. Her mission is to spread water safety awareness so that no one in her community has to suffer the tragedy of losing their child to drowning.

Rachel’s bio

Candace Siebenmorgen from Fayetteville, Arkansas, was Rachel’s training partner.

Her two children took lessons at Little Squirts Aquatics, which is owned and operated by Infant Aquatics instructor Libby McFarland. Candace was blown away by the process and knew that she wanted to become a part of Infant Aquatics. Before becoming certified, Candace assisted Libby for a year by swimming her skilled students and helping them maintain the skills they had learned from Libby. During that time her passion for teaching essential, lifesaving water skills increased and she hopes to provide these skills to as many children as possible in the years to come.

Candace’s bio