New Instructors from California and Montana

Welcome Katie Wilson, from Hamilton, Montana. Katie arrived at Swim Float Swim! with 9 years of experience teaching swimming, but no knowledge of how to teach infants and toddlers to survive in the water. Her training gave her the tools and skills necessary to fill the gap in her teaching experience. The video below shows how she taught 18 month old Rhett to swim float swim in just 4 weeks of private lessons.

After enrolling her 17 month old son in another survival swim program for 6 weeks of lessons, Amorina Bush was not satisfied with the skills he had learned, since he was not able to swim float swim. She decided to train with Judy Heumann in Colorado, and brought Michael with her to participate in lessons. Amorina lives on the Monterey Peninsula. Here’s a video of Amorina and Michael at the end of 5 weeks of Infant Aquatics lessons.

Survival Swimming Instrcutor Training