Summer 2013

Infant Aquatics℠ continues to expand across the U.S. A packed schedule enabled Judy Heumann to conduct a double training with Kirk Weatherby of Bend, Oregon and Krissy Slanco of Austin, Texas. Kirk, a fitness coach and new father, impressed everyone with his gentle demeanor and winning smile. Krissy, a pre-school teacher/director and former nanny is a natural fit for our profession. Kirk and Krissy did an outstanding job and were loved by their students and parents. They are looking forward to educating their communities on the importance of providing effective self rescue swim lessons to children. The staff at SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ enjoyed working with them during their training and wishes them the best.

Along with Kirk and Krissy, we are pleased to welcome Sarah Blink to the SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ team. Sarah is a mom of three teenagers with a true talent for teaching aquatic survival. She exhibits a unique combination of calmness and energy in her teaching style. After training during the spring, she has been working a double shift this summer — and will be taking over Carlene’s early morning schedule. Carlene, who has been doing the 6:00 a.m. to noon shift for the past 5 years, will move to a more relaxed late afternoon schedule. She is looking forward to sleeping in beginning in September!

The summer season culminated with our 2nd annual Back to Pool Party. This was a special day devoted to celebrating the accomplishments of our swimmers, complete with live music, face painting, balloon twisting, food trucks and of course swimming! Thanks to our amazing staff for a wonderful year. It is truly a privilege to work side by side with each one.

Summer 2013-2

Survival Swimming Instrcutor Training