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After training more than 150 instructors in five decades, Judy needed help to keep up with growing demand for new instructors, and to make training more accessible. Thus, Infant Aquatics has added additional training locations throughout the US taught by the most seasoned instructors on our team. These instructors have decades of teaching experience and have all undergone additional training with Judy to become Certifying Instructors. Their teaching expertise will insure your success and allow you to join our select group of Infant Aquatic Survival® Specialists. Learn about them below and contact Judy for more information and to schedule a training.


Longmont, Colorado

Judy Heumann

Meet Judy’s Instructors

Dallas, Texas

Bev Steinfink

Decatur, Texas

Kim Emery

Richmond, Virginia

Erin Loewe

Valdosta Georgia and Inverness Florida

Margie Herman

Connecticut & New York

Dena Blum-Rothman

Judy Heumann Infant Aquatics Instructor Training

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