Training with Judy Heumann

Infant Aquatics student instructors discuss their instructor training experience with Infant Aquatics founder Judy Heumann. Hear their impressions of their journey to learn to teach aquatic survival skills to infants and toddlers. Discover their reasons for choosing to train with Judy at SWIM•Float•SWIM!

Partner Training

A discussion of the Infant Aquatics partner training experience at SWIM•Float•SWIM! under the direction of Judy Heumann, Lead Instructor and Founder of Infant Aquatics.

One Year Later

Learn about Infant Aquatic Survival instructor training at SWIM•Float•SWIM! with Judy Heumann. Hear about the accomplishments of a first year Infant Aquatics instructor from Vietnam.

Tuyen Ho • Vietnam

Mates & Memories

Infant Aquatics instructors from Australia and California discuss their Colorado training experience with Judy Heumann at Swim Float Swim! both in and outside of the pool.

Tyson's Story Part 1 & 2

Brandie Russell tells the story of survival and how she knew she had to become an Infant Aquatics Instructor.

Mel Nelson, Perth

Nikki Dovey, Johannesburg

Susan Wiley, Michigan

Amorina Spence, California

Tami Kellar, Oklahoma

Erin Loewe, Virginia

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