What to Expect During Infant Aquatics Training: A Comprehensive Guide


As an aspiring survival swim instructor, you are embarking on a crucial mission to equip children with life-saving water skills. But what can you expect from our Infant Aquatics® training program?

This post aims to provide an in-depth look into the intensive, hands-on training you can expect from our Infant Aquatics® Instructor Training program. By the end of this post, you’ll have a complete understanding of the program, from the curriculum to the incredible community of instructors you’ll be joining.

The Need for Proper Training

Becoming an Infant Aquatics® instructor is more than a job; it’s a meaningful career that demands high-level expertise. The Infant Aquatics® program goes far beyond basic swim lessons. It is a comprehensive, meticulously crafted survival swim program that covers a range of skills, from breath control, independent floating and swimming, to emergency responses to accidental falls in the water. By providing comprehensive training and guidance to your students, you will empower them to confidently engage in water activities, knowing how to stay safe and make informed decisions. If you’re entering this field, it’s not just to make a living but to make a difference—sometimes, a life-saving one—in the lives of the children you’ll teach.

The quality of your training directly impacts the lives you will touch as an Infant Aquatics® instructor. By investing in your training and continuously enhancing your skills, you can provide the highest level of instruction and empower children to become confident and capable swimmers!

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Preparing for Training

While there is no specific prerequisite for Infant Aquatics® training, it’s essential to mentally prepare yourself for this intensive 6-week program. During your training, you will spend a significant amount of time in the pool, approximately 4 hours each morning from Monday through Thursday. You will also have the option to continue in water teaching and observation in the pool in the afternoons and on Friday mornings. Additionally, there will be some written work involved throughout the course.

The key to preparing for the training is to shift your mindset. From day one, you will be both a student and an instructor! The sooner you can mentally prepare yourself for having this dual role, the smoother your training will be. So, get ready to dive in and make the most of this transformative experience!

Training Curriculum Overview

The Infant Aquatics® Survival Swim Specialist training is an immersive 6-week program that provides a comprehensive and hands-on experience to prepare you for realistic teaching conditions.

Throughout the training, you will be responsible for managing a full roster of up to 30 students, each with unique needs and skill levels. While infants will focus on roll-to-float courses, older children will progress to mastering the complete swim-float-swim sequence. This diversity in training allows you to gain valuable firsthand experience in tailoring your lessons to meet the specific requirements of each child.

By encountering such a wide range of scenarios, you will develop the skills and confidence needed to teach survival swimming effectively, communicate with parents and caregivers, and troubleshoot various situations that may arise during lessons.

If you choose to come to Colorado, you will spend approximately 4 hours in the pool each morning (Monday-Thursday) under the expert guidance of Judy Heumann, founder of Infant Aquatics®, who will expertly guide you through each step of teaching. You will observe her demonstrations and receive invaluable feedback as you learn these essential techniques. If you prefer to travel to Texas, Virginia, Connecticut or Florida, you will receive comparable training with veteran Certifying Instructors who have decades of experience teaching Infant Aquatic Survival®.

This real-world experience is a cornerstone of our program, ensuring you are fully prepared to take on the challenges of teaching survival swim lessons to infants and young children.


Hands-On Training

“Intense” is an understatement when describing the hands-on nature of our training program. Right from the get-go, you’ll be in the water teaching. This is not a theoretical course; it’s an experiential, application-driven training regimen.

Although the thought of teaching from the first day might initially sound intimidating, this is the most effective way to learn. You’ll become adept at handling different students and scenarios, thus becoming a more versatile instructor. The ongoing process of observing, teaching, receiving feedback, and teaching again will give you the skills you need to become a highly skilled instructor by the end of your 6-week training.

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Learning from Experienced Instructors

Becoming an exceptional swim instructor is not something you can learn solely by theory. It’s an art that requires nuance, judgment, and experience. Luckily, during your training, you will have the guidance and mentorship of an industry leader like Judy Heumann and her team of experienced instructors who have been in your shoes and understand what it takes to succeed.

You will have the opportunity to observe and eventually assist in teaching additional lessons. This includes advanced group classes that teach already-skilled students how to improve their strokes. The exposure to different instructors and classes offers a comprehensive learning experience, which will prepare you to provide a variety of advanced swim lessons to children in your community throughout their skill development!

Classroom Instruction

At Infant Aquatics®, your education is a two-pronged approach: practical in-water teaching and classroom-based theoretical lessons.

Understanding the behavioral and developmental milestones of infants and young children will be a focus, which equips you with the knowledge to teach more effectively. The classroom sessions cover a broad range of topics, from child psychology to teaching methodologies and safety protocols. This theoretical knowledge is the backbone of your practical skills, enabling you to adapt efficiently to different learning styles and situations.

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Practical Assessments

At Infant Aquatics®, evaluation is an ongoing process. Our program features regular assessments to gauge your skill level and understanding of the training material. These include both hands-on evaluations and written assignments that will test your grasp of the theoretical aspects of Infant Aquatics®. This ongoing assessment ensures you remain on track and helps to identify any gaps in your understanding. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive picture of your progress rather than reducing your learning to a single, high-stakes test.

Business Support

At Infant Aquatics®, we recognize the significance of providing trainees with the essential tools and knowledge to establish and run a thriving business. Trainees receive comprehensive support to set up their businesses and ensure their success! Judy Heumann offers experienced guidance on various aspects, such as legal considerations, insurance requirements, and parent information.

With this level of support, trainees can confidently handle the administrative aspects of their businesses and concentrate on positively impacting the lives of children and families through their careers!


Building a Supportive Community

Training is just the beginning of your journey. We know that there will be times throughout your career when you will be presented with unique challenges in the water. Having a network of experienced instructors can be an invaluable resource when this happens! Our exclusive Facebook community is a hub where you can ask questions, share insights, and receive constructive feedback from a network of seasoned professionals. Whenever you need any help or guidance, you can count on Judy Heumann to be just an email away. She’s always there to support you throughout your career!

How often do swim instructors have the opportunity to say that the founder of their program offers personal, dedicated advice whenever they need it?

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Certification and Continuing Education

Completing this rigorous training will earn you an Infant Aquatic Survival® Specialist certification, but the learning doesn’t stop there. We strongly encourage ongoing professional development. You have the opportunity to attend our biannual Instructor Retreats to connect with fellow instructors and learn from guest experts! These continuing education opportunities improve your teaching quality and expand your professional network, adding another layer to your career.



The Infant Aquatics training program is an intensive, rewarding experience that prepares you to teach survival swimming and save lives. You’ll walk away with a solid theoretical foundation, hands-on teaching experience, and a network of professionals to support you. This is not just a training course; it’s a pathway to a fulfilling career in Infant Aquatics®. With the skills and knowledge you acquire, you’ll be well-equipped to make a profound impact on the lives of countless children and their families in your community. So, if you’re ready for a challenging yet deeply rewarding experience, our Infant Aquatics training program is the perfect opportunity to make a real difference.

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