What’s New Fall 2020

New Instructor Certifies in Lubbock

Jordan Dunlap is our newest instructor. Her two children were taught by Krystle Rose of Infant Aquatics Lubbock. When Jordan learned that Krystle was planning to relocate to North Carolina, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to continue Krystle’s lifesaving mission in her hometown. We are so happy to have Jordan on our team.

Two Survival Swim Instructors Certify with Infant Aquatics

Erin Loewe (Richmond, VA) and Kristina Hathcock (San Tan Valley, AZ).

Both Erin and Kristina have been teaching survival swimming for many years but realized how much more there was to learn . They chose to travel to Colorado and train with Judy Heumann.

Erin writes, “I am blown away by how effective the Infant Aquatics method is and how it augments what I already know.”

Kristina adds, “The experience opened my eyes and has given me the knowledge to teach safer and more effective lessons in a shorter period of time.”