What’s New Summer 2022

This summer Judy welcomed Paige, Danielle and Joe for Survival Swim Instructor Training at Swim•Float•Swim!

Paige Johnson is the owner of South Plains Infant Aquatics based out of Ropesville, Texas. With a passion to save the lives of children and give parents peace of mind, she chose to join Infant Aquatics because she wanted to make a difference.

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Paige’s training partners were Danielle and Joe Schiavoni from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Danielle has been teaching swimming for 15 years, but swimming for survival became a priority once parents starting contacting her to teach their babies and toddlers to swim. Joe has always wanted to be involved in a career involving children so when Danielle chose to certify with Infant Aquatics, he knew this would be a fit for him as well.

This husband and wife team traveled to Colorado, along with their four children ranging in age from 12 months to 9 years, to complete training with Judy.

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