What’s New Summer 2023

8 New Instructors From 5 States Trained!

We are proud to introduce our newest instructors who completed training this summer.Kristin and Judy and swim instructorsJudy Heumann, Infant Aquatics at Swim Float Swim, was fortunate to train sisters Andrea Picklesimer (Utah) Bright Blue Infant Aquatics and Rebecca Schacherbauer (Texas) Bluebonnet Infant Aquatics. They were joined by veteran instructor Melissa Stoll, Infant Aquatics West U.


Kristin Bates, Dolphin Tail Infant Aquatics, completed her training with Dena Blum-Rothman, Infant Aquatics CT. She joins Lauren Campion, Champion Infant Aquatics, to serve families in Massachusetts.


Erin Loewe, Starfish Infant Aquatics, had the pleasure to train Brooke Pettus, The Safety Seahorse Infant Aquatics Academy and Katie Jennings, N.O.R.A Infant Aquatics expanding our network in Virginia to 6 instructors.


Kim Emery, Swim & Smile TX Infant Aquatics, trained Summer Harrison (Mississippi), Little Minnows Infant Aquatics and Connor Torre (Texas) Little Fishies Infant Aquatics.


And finally, Cynthia Forward, Space City Infant Aquatics, is first instructor to serve the Galveston, Texas area. She completed her training at Dallas Infant Aquatics with Bev Steinfink.