Winter 2021 Brings Three New Survival Swim Instructors


Gabi Stewart decided to train with Judy after watching her son go through the Infant Aquatics program with Libby McFarland in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She is now teaching for Little Squirts Aquatics with the knowledge that she is giving children skills to save their lives

Jennifer Moeggenberg enrolled her 4 year old daughter in lessons with Anna Faenza of Holy Makerel Infant Aquatics after a scary, eye-opening incident at a local pool. She knew immediately that she wanted to teach other babies and children aquatic survival and soon began the process of becoming a certified Infant Aquatics instructor. Jen’s 2 year old daughter completed the 6 week program during her training and her 4 year old participated in group classes.

Julia Jansen grew up swimming competitively in Germany. Temporarily living in Texas in a house with a backyard pool and two babies, she knew that she needed to find a way to keep her daughters safe. She did intensive research, found Judy and traveled to Colorado with her daughters. While she learned how to teach lifesaving aquatic skills, her one and three year old learned to swim float swim. She is looking forward to saving lives in Germany as part of the Infant Aquatics family.